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[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ey guys, welcome to our new home! You’ll notice some things have stayed the same, while others have changed – namely, the blog’s new name, Returning Videotapes. I’ve been meaning to move on from Film Flare since the core of this space had evolved beyond movies. It had become television and most recently books, too. Moreover, I wanted to move to a .com domain, which wasn’t available at a compelling enough price. Add to all of this needing to upgrade to WordPress and a bigger change felt right.
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The name Returning Videotapes is a (hopefully) not too obscure reference to American Psycho, and a way to encompass more core subjects. Funny enough, now that we’re here, I’m feeling the exact opposite impulse. I want to go back to movies and tv, only touching on other subjects when relating to film. You can expect a couple of new features, and older ones that will be revamped. I also have a pretty big project that should take off in 2018, so there’s plenty to look forward to!
[spacer height=”30px”] As of now the website is not 100% done, but it will get there by the end of the month. I certainly couldn’t miss the traditional October Horror Project! Not to mention Outlander, right?! Some pictures need updating, pages aren’t complete, and past posts look a bit bonkers, but otherwise we’re the same.
[spacer height=”30px”] Anyway, I’m super excited to watch more movies again, keep up with the news, and share it all with you. Now that I’ve graduated university, I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to dedicate more time to doing what I love.
[spacer height=”30px”] So thank you to everyone who has stuck with me through the great blogging drought, I’m sure we’ll keep on growing together in this new home.
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Talk to you tomorrow, in a brand new post!
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