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Long-Awaited Movie Sequels No One Was Waiting For · TMP
Long Awaited Sequels No One Was Waiting For
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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he thing about long-awaited movie sequels is that most of the time, I have no idea they’re coming. So there’s not really a waiting period, is there? And when it comes to franchises like Marvel and James Bond, even though it feels like a long time, it’s really only 2-4 years of waiting between each movie. So in the list below you’ll find maybe one movie I’m genuinely anticipating, and the rest it’s just me going “WAIT, there’s a sequel coming?!”.

Now, heads up, maybe you totally saw them coming. I can be pretty clueless sometimes, it’s just the way I am. Anyway, I’ve tried to keep the time between movies above 5 years, and only films I’ve seen upon release or pretty early on so that, had I known there would be a sequel, I would’ve actually been waiting. And adequately suffering.

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Long-Awaited Movie Sequels
No One Was Waiting For

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Long-Awaited Movie Sequels No One Was Waiting For - Jurassic World (2015)

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Jurassic World (2015)
(14 years of thinking they’d let it be)

This is where I say that just because I wasn’t expecting a sequel, doesn’t mean the sequel didn’t turn out alright. It’s also where you realise you don’t agree with me at all because… Jurassic World isn’t exactly a beloved addition to the Jurassic Park franchise. Yet for me, this is the best one since the 1993 original, by a mile. Despite all its flaws (and I do know they are there), I had tons of fun and warm feelings watching (and rewatching!) this movie that I honestly never thought would get made. That said, in light of Fallen Kingdom and what may come next… it was probably better if they let the dinosaurs be? But money uhhh, finds a way.

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Long-Awaited Movie Sequels No One Was Waiting For - Bridget Jones's Baby (2016)

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Bridget Jones’s Baby (2016)
(12 years of… not really thinking about it)

Wait…did I like this movie? It’s been two years and I honestly don’t remember. I do recall me and the chicks discussing the fact that Mark Darcy folds his underwear, and that just might be the most important scene in Bridget Jones’s Baby. I rated it four stars so, I guess it was pretty good. I remember now: Jones was as charming as ever, and even though Daniel wasn’t there, Mark more than filled that spot. I was skeptical, as one is when a beloved is on the line, but they did a great job. Right??

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Long-Awaited Movie Sequels No One Was Waiting For - Enchanted Sequel Disenchanted

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Disenchanted (TBA)
(12+ years of that was a perfectly fine standalone movie, wasn’t it?)

This is one of those times where it didn’t even cross my mind that there could be sequel?? But then, there’s a lot of great ideas that don’t cross my mind, so this just might be amazing – if not heartbreaking. After her happily ever after, Giselle feels… not happy? She needs to figure her sh*t out, but it might be a while until we see what happens.

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Long-Awaited Movie Sequels No One Was Waiting For - Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again Sequel

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Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018)
(10 years of rewatching, feeling like it was only yesterday?!)

I suppose it makes sense that the most amazing movie ever made gets a sequel, right?! If you think I’m being ironic, you haven’t been reading this blog for long enough. Mamma Mia! is an unapologetic masterpiece of happiness, featuring great actors having fun, and of course, lots of ABBA songs. It’s addictive, an instant mood booster, and undoubtedly the movie I have rewatched the most in my entire life, after Pocahontas (I was a stubborn child). And now you tell me we’re doing it all again? YASS.

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Long-Awaited Movie Sequels No One Was Waiting For - Man of Steel 2

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Man of Steel 2 (TBA)
(7 – 10,000 years of ACTUAL WAITING)

I’m breaking the theme to stay in-theme here, because this is the only movie that actually fits this week’s prompt!
I’d say it’s unbelievable how a proper sequel to Man of Steel hasn’t been made already, but then, when has DC made a good decision? (Wonder Woman VERY MUCH excluded). Yes Batman v Superman is chronologically a sequel, but you know what I mean: a Superman only movie, where our eyes can lock on Cavill for two hours straight, with no distractions. Man of Steel gets plenty of hate, but you know what, I genuinely like it. Years later (dying here), I still can’t forget the image of Superman in handcuffs. Don’t say it.

I mean, Suicide Squad gets a sequel but you’re still tiptoeing around this one? Cavill has IDEAS and is, quote, very keen, and also nicely tanned. Just give me this movie.

Do you also heavily feature Colin Firth in your list? Does he star in all your fantasy sequels? Let me know in the comments your picks for most long-awaited movie sequels!
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  • Man of steel is such a chore to sit through for me. Took me 3 days to rewatch it lately. Cavill deserves to be in a good Superman movie and so far he didn’t have a chance for that because Snyder and whedon are both awful. Bridget Jones’ Baby was so much fun, I wish we got another sequel

    • I actually enjoyed most of Man of Steel but I know I’m in the minority here 😅 He honestly does deserve much better though, I have hopes for a good sequel!

      After seeing Mamma Mia 2 I’m convinced we deserve everything with Colin Firth 😂

  • The only sequel I care about right now is the one to Call Me By Your Name! There is a sequel in the works, but the director is waiting a few years for Timothee Chalamet to age.

    • I understand that now! I was hesitant when I heard about the sequel, couldn’t really see the point, but now after the reading the book…. Yesss! Can’t come soon enough, though I’m afraid we’ll get another Before trilogy kind of wait

  • I mean.. I agree. Though I think Disenchanted could work because I actually really enjoyed the first film.
    Anyway, I have no plans on watching Man of Steel.. even though Cavill’s in it. I’m not interested. But I’ll probably watch the Mamma Mia sequel just so I can sing along to Abba and hate the movie later – musicals usually just rub me the wrong way. 😀

    • I liked all of the sequels that have come out and am actually anticipating the announced ones – I just meant I wasn’t expecting them at all! And yes, in general was skeptical towards them 😅

      I get that, with DC’s history and all, because that’s basically how I feel about Suicide Squad. But Man of Steel has some moments… including bathtub moments.

      OHHH how can you guys hate on Mamma Mia, I’m so disappointed. 😂

  • Wow. There’s uh…a lot to process here.

    But I can’t seem to get by all that you said about Mamma Mia. Not at all.

    *shakes head…for three hours straight* So…you totally broke the news to me that we’re getting another Enchanted film. Is this for real? The first one was shockingly great, so I’d be up for another one…I think.

    I think you nailed Bridget Jones’ Baby, by the way. That was also a very pleasant surprise. And uh, are you not supposed to fold your underwear???

    • WHAT do you guys have against the mountain of pure joy that is Mamma Mia?? 😂 I can’t explain my love, it just comes over me whenever I see Colin Firth shaking his hips.

      Yep, it’s real! Supposedly the script is done, but we won’t get the movie until 2020 *maybe*. Long wait.

      You are , yesss 👏🏻 Our discussion was precisely about that, how we all do it so Darcy is not weird at all!

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