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Six Degrees: Pauly Shore / Elle Fanning

Elina from the blog Films and Coke picked me to carry on the Six Degrees of Separation blogathon by Nostra. The challenge here is to link Pauly Shore to Elle Fanning in less than seven steps. Took me long enough because Pauly’s filmography sure is… peculiar.
But here it is:

Pauly Shore was with Chris Penn in Pauly Shore is Dead (2003);
Chris Penn was in the CSI: Miami episode Grave Young Men with David Caruso;
David Caruso was with Elle Fanning in the CSI: Miami episode Death Grip

Maybe using CSI is a bit of a cheat because everyone has been on that show, but really, Pauly Shore?? Now Nikhat from Being Norma Jean is up next and, taking a turn towards the classic era, she’ll be linking Elle Fanning and Rita Hayworth! Obviously I had planned on picking Cary Grant, but a quick glance at Fanning’s movies showed that it would be waaaay too easy.  So good luck! 

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