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My name is Sofia, the gal behind this blog of all things movie related!
Where you’ll find movie reviews and essays, tv shows worth watching, and the best art and books for film lovers. We’ll keep up with awards and festivals, marvel over movie frames, dream of costumes, and listen to countless hours of movie scores. This is the place where I share beautiful works and strong opinions, in hopes of inspiring you and starting awesome discussions.

I’ve run my previous blog (Film Flare) for six years before changing it to Returning Videotapes, in a (hopefully) not too obscure reference to one of my favourite movies, American Psycho. It’s a fresh start for a passion project, with all the experience that comes from the past. That’s why you’ll find all my previous posts in the archives, going as far back as 2011!

On the sidebar you’ll always find the latest episode of the Across The Universe Podcast, where Getter, Nik and I discuss movies every other week. In this tight film community we also do blogathons and other web events, taking every opportunity to show just how much we love movies, so stick around and join us!

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October 2017: all previous posts are being formatted and indexed, so not only some links may not work properly, but also things may look a bit… weird. For a while.
alfred hitchcock blows kiss

I review NC-17 movies and tv shows, as well as adult books,
so beware of violent and sexual content.